From a tough adventurous hike to idle stroll, we will tell you some best way to hike the Great Wall of China that you will not enjoy but it will make you amaze and thrilled, all at one time.

1 The offbeat walk to the great wall

Distance: 12km

Time: About one day trip from Beijing

Route: Huanghua road to the eighth guard tower to Haunghuacheng wall

This trek will be one of the best and most wild-walk to the wall that has no crowd. If you are one of those people who are looking for some real adventurous trek then this route is made for you. Kindly note that this is an unconstructed section which is about 60km away from the northeast of the capital, so take proper information before opting for this route.

While Greatwall hiking, you will get to see some road slice right Stahlwandpool kaufen it. Local people and travelers were used to call it wild wall as it was wholly unmonitored, here you will only get to see some typical locals selling drinks while trekking.

You need to travel right from the road, cross the pool and you will get to see a path clambering to a dramatic and pretentious route. Take care as the route is quite tricky and dramatic. While trekking you just need to mind that the area will not be so crowded, so, plan this trek with a group.

  1. The wall adventure

Distance: 11km

Time: It will take about a long day from Beijing

Route: Simatai from Jinshanling

This route is mildly adventurous and spectacular along with a ruined section. While trekking through this route, you will not only get to experience an unforgettable adventure but so many amazing views. This is one of the deservedly admired treks which opt. by almost every trek and adventure lover.

You will have to walk along the unconstructed and rugged wall for at least two to three hours but it is guaranteed that nothing can beat this experience of trekking with your friends. Plan your Greatwall hiking with the group so that you can enjoy the trek more. Please note that the route is quite tough and slippery so, watch your steps while trekking.